About Us

alambicQuintessence Aromatics, Inc., is an importer of organic, certified therapeutic essential oils and a manufacturer of fine essential oil blends and body care products.

Quintessence Aromatics, Inc. was created as a support for the aromatherapy community who demands a therapeutic quality control of essential oils and want to be assured of the botanical and biochemical specificity. We feel that we on are the cutting edge of supplying the best, essential oils in North America as well as quality instruction for the Medical/Professional world.  Quintesesnce has two offices, which are separate entities, both in the USA and in Canada - to ensure quick and efficient service, to you our customers.

Since 1994, Quintessence Aromatics, Inc. has been producing custom formulations for personal use, retail stores, massage therapists, practitioners, Doctors, Hospitals, and Universities. Should you require a different size we can custom price for your needs.

At Quintessence Aromatics, Inc., we are committed to using only the finest raw material available. Essential oils are derived from Organic Agriculture and are certified by Ecocert SA.  All of our formulas use Essential Oils that are Botanically and Biochemically Defined; our vegetable oils are cold pressed and organically produced with the highest standards.

The "Quintessence" idea came to be as early as 1974, with a knowledge of tending to the body in Massage therapy, Emotional healing, and Nutrition. Shortly thereafter, the USA Quintessence Aromatics Office opened its doors for business.

Quintessence Aromatics Inc. Canada followed by opening its business a few years later.  We are a Canadian company and a separate entity, which services the need for Therapeutic Aromatherapy here in Canada and abroad. We take pride in offering the highest quality of Aromatherapy products to Canada and in investing our financial resources here in Canada. Our Canadian office knowledge base comes from a collective 66 years of medical, laboratory, pharmacy, massage, spirituality and aromatherapy fields.

At Quintessence Aromatics, Inc., we are committed to giving you the finest quality product. Our lead-time varies from time to time due to demand and the status of world affairs. All pricing is based on the cost of raw materials, set up, manufacture time, and packaging of your products.

At Quintessence Aromatics, Inc., our entire production line is put together with high energy, intention and tender loving care.

We look forward to working with you and being of service - whether it be small requests or information and supplies for your large business endeavors!

Have a great aromatic day!!

Office Hours

9am - 3pm Monday to Friday
We may be busy with clients or teaching offsite, so please call ahead.

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Helpful Hints

Dry Heels:
7 drops of sandalwood, 5 drops of geranium, 4 drops of frankincese, 5 drops of lavender officinalis. Blend above in 60 ml of unscented lotion or massage base. Apply right after bathing and showering.

Contact Details

P.O. Box 28049
Saskatoon, SK S7M 5V8 Canada

Phone: 306-382-3200
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