Essential Oil Profile of Laurus Nobilis - Bay


Family - Lauraceae Country of Origin - Asia SD/DO - Leafy Branches

Biochemical Specificity - Linalol, 1.8 ceneole, eugenol Aroma: sweet menthol

Laurus Nobilis should be aged at least a year before use as it becomes stronger over time.

Therapeutic Keys:- Bay is recognised since antiquity for its regenerating and antiseptic properties, therefore use it when facing an illness involving degeneration, sepsis or necrosis. It forestalls physical ageing and weakening of the mental processes.

- Anti infectious, bactericide, viricide and fungicide - especially suited to support other oils in a blend.

- It is a good expectorant with mucolytic properties and is helpful for lung infections (which may be a precursor to certain cancers), chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

- Blend with Ravensara and Lavandula spica for an anti - flu formula.

- Bay is a remarkable immunostimulant which enhances all physiological functions following an infectious process.

- Blend with juniper and cinnamon bark for intestinal anti putrefactive/cleanser, as it may be helpful in cases of intestinal cancers.

- Beneficial for ulcers, boils, acne and abscesses. Bay will act to accelerate the process of regeneration of the epidermis - especially in combination with Lavender, Palma Rosa, Tea Tree, Sage, Niaouli and Petitgrain.

- Genito - urinary infections for women, blend with sage (helps with the emotional stability); and for men - blend with Rosemary Officinalis or Cypress.

- Nerve tonic - for those who doubt themselves before exams or a job interview.

Characterology of a Laurus Nobilis personality:

- Laurus Nobilis represents greatness and victory.

- Bay has a warrior temperament and therefore is used to march or move forward and as a leader gives a person the will to act.

- Ravensara symbolises the sage within every great man and as such will control the excesses of the Bay temperament.

- Laurus Nobilis is an exceptional character and can encourage each person to discover his power, take responsibility for himself both mentally and physically and

objectively helps the individual to shake off emotional turmoil and mental lethargy.

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Dry Heels:
7 drops of sandalwood, 5 drops of geranium, 4 drops of frankincese, 5 drops of lavender officinalis. Blend above in 60 ml of unscented lotion or massage base. Apply right after bathing and showering.

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