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Essential Oils

Essential Oils

IMG 2789Essential oils

Single EObbd Essential Oils are described in thier individual categories via their Latin nomenclature; Biochemical Specificity; Country of Origin; and Organ harvested.  A brief descriptive of their individual beneficial indications are also listed for your convenience.

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Origin - Vietman Organ - Whole Plant Biochemical Specificity - Methylchavicol Beneficial as ..
Bay Laurel
Origin - France Organ - Leaves Biochemical Specificity - linalol, 1.8 cineole, eugenol Regenerati..
Origin - Ivory Coast Organ - Zest Biochemical Specificity - linalyle acetate, coumarines Benefici..
Origin - Canada Organ - Wood Biochemical Specificity - Methylsalicylate Beneficial as an analgesi..
Bitter Orange Leaf
Origin - Paraguay Organ - Leaves Biochemical Specificity - linalyle acetate, linalool Also called..
Bitter Orange Zest
Origin - Ivory Coast Organ - Zest Biochemical Specificity - limonene, octanal Subtle energy balan..
Black Pepper
Origin - Madagascar Organ - Berries Biochemical Specificity - b - caryophyllene, limonene Benefic..
Black Spruce
Origin - Canada Organ - Needles Biochemical Specificity - bornyl acetate, camphene Congestion, in..
Origin - Vietnam Organ - Branches Biochemical Specificity - 1.8 cineole, a-terpineol Beneficial f..
Origin - China Organ - Leaves Biochemical Specificity - linalool Traditionally used for respirato..
Origin - India Organ - Seeds Biochemical Specificity - carotol (sesquiterpenol) Beneficial for sk..
Origin - Morrocco Organ - Wood Biochemical Specificity - himachalenes, atlantone Beneficial for s..
Cinnamon Bark
Origin - Sri Lanka Organ - Bark Biochemical Specificity - cinnamaldehyde Anti bacterial, anti inf..
Cinnamon Leaf
Origin - Sri Lanka Organ - Branches Biochemical Specificity - eugenol, safrol Cinnamon Leaf has a..
Origin - Sri Lanka Organ - Herb Biochemical Specificity - methylisoeugenol, geraniol Insect repel..

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Helpful Hints

Dry Heels:
7 drops of sandalwood, 5 drops of geranium, 4 drops of frankincese, 5 drops of lavender officinalis. Blend above in 60 ml of unscented lotion or massage base. Apply right after bathing and showering.

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